The sun is shining (finally…), the birds are chirping, and the prospect of dipping into the lake no longer sends cold shivers down your spine. This can only mean one thing: summer is here! With summer comes plenty of travel, and now Kiehl’s is pairing up with The Lausanne Guide to ensure that you feel refreshed and at your best as you jet-set! Introducing Kiehl’s Travel-Tested Solutions. Made with cactus flower, Tibetan ginseng, eucalyptus and pure essential oils (oh yes, it’s as good as it sounds), this travel kit comes with a ’24/7 Activated Moisturizer’, ”First Class’ Purifying Hand Treatment’, ‘In-Flight Refreshing Facial Mist’, and ‘Eucalyptus Lip Relief’. And all of this can be YOURS (80 CHF value)!

Want to win? All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us about the best summer holiday you’ve ever had, or one that you dream of having in the future. Share the giveaway post on Facebook and Twitter for additional chances to win, and we’ll announce the winner on Friday the 21st of June. Good luck and happy travels!


  1. My best summer holiday: A roadtrip in the North Western US/Southern Canada. Pretty cold weather, but amazing nature, fantastic food, and nice little BnBs to rest. The best thing was the whale watching tour.

  2. How to choose my best summer holiday? I have too many wonderful experiences! But I would have to say learning to scuba dive in Sodwana is top of my list at the moment – The roasting hot weather, clear blue seas, incredible sea life and drinks by the pool made for a perfect holiday!

  3. Honestly my best one was in 2010 when we did a staycation and search for a house to buy. Looking for good areas for houses, we went to many places in Vaud that we had never been before, and almost always ended the day swimming in the lake (Léman and Neuchatel). And the best part was that we did find our dream house!

  4. My best summer getaway was actually while living in Lausanne 2 summers ago, during which I soaked up the sun on the Italian Riviera. I visited the five villages of Cinque Terre, and enjoyed an idyllic weekend of eating fresh-baked Focaccia by the harbor of Vernazza, savoring gelato while sunbathing on the beaches of Monterosso, and reading poetry at sunset on the rocks of Manarola. What makes it even a bit more special was that I visited in August 2011, just before torrential rains caused extensive damage and tragedy in the region. Seeing how much was suddenly lost during that storm, my fond memories of Cinque Terre remind me to be grateful for my experiences and appreciative of the opportunities life has so kindly given to me. While some parts are being closed for maintenance, I still recommend people in the Lausanne area to take a holiday in Cinque Terre if they have a chance this summer :)!

  5. The best summer trip I have ever taken was the summer I traveled to Europe for the first time with my mom. It was more than 12 years ago now, but my mom treated me to a trip (just her and I) to England after I graduated from college. What made it so special was the time we spent together and the memories we made. When we returned, I moved to New York City for grad school, and my mom and I have never lived in the same city since. It was so valuable to spend such a concentrated amount of time with her.

  6. I would love to go back to Gorongosa National Game Park in Mozambique. I lived there during the civil war and saw the land and the animals being decimated. Now, the park has been rescued and is being returned to it's former glory, where it was the safari park of choice for royalty and Hollywood. It has everything, mountains, lakes, the Zambezi river, savannah, forest. I remember the beauty that was there even though it was dangerous. I would like to see old friends and see this beautiful place, people and animals that imprinted itself themselves upon my heart.

  7. Mine was in a secluded beach in one of the islands in the Philippines. I almost wished time would stop xx

  8. Best holiday was Fiji, so beautiful and relaxing but in particular Deep Sea Fishing.. . an awesome experience! The boat was an aluminium tinnie with only half a motor. Captain Ronnie had to start the motor using a piece of string he kept in his pocket (complete with foot on top to hold her steady). When it was time to come in, he couldn’t get the motor started.. it was then pointed out to us that there were no oars and this was their only boat. We drifted for 45mins until he got her started again. We didn’t catch anything but had a great day, full of giggles and an excellent yarn to tell!

  9. My favorite holiday was in Praiano, on the Amalfi coast a few years ago. I totally picked the location at random and was surprised by the lovely and charming village and its inhabitants. I was especially lucky as my holiday coincided with the breathtaking festa luminaria di San Domenico: thousands of tiny candles arranged all over the town square in front of the church as well as along walkways up into the cliffs–the effect was magical. Great food, gorgeous sea, warm people…la dolce vita, indeed!

  10. My best Summer Ever was summer 2011 in New York City, experiencing the heat of the City and discovering various speakeasy to get distracted 😉
    Fun fact, I walked for the first time in a Kiehl's Boutique that summer. My brother and I whom had not spent time with for a while (cause, you know, life sometimes pushes you appart..) discovered a photobooth in the boutique and decided to go in to create, what became one of my best family souvenirs!
    Every time I look at the picture taken that day it reminds me that even though we're not as close as we used to be, him and I will always be connected with memories that only the two of us share. And I think this is precious enough to make it my best summer ever.

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