I was a reluctant participant at best. My most athletic days are a decade behind and I wasn’t eager to join a group of presumably enthusiastic runners and fitness junkies at the fresh hour of 7am for a boot camp style workout in Vidy.

But it’s nearly bathing suit season and so I rallied.

Not only am I happy to report that I survived (although limping), but also that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The cool morning air was invigorating and the camaraderie of the group was surprisingly encouraging.

Kathy Zimmerman, the fitness enthusiast and trainer behind the concept, designs the workout around the outdoor space available in the Vidy Park just on the shores of the Lake. The first half hour consists of short spurts of running interchanged with some lunges, dips, push ups, and other various movements that I have no vocabulary for. 😉

The second half is set up in rotating stations that allow you to work your core as well as specific muscle groups. Kathy is close by – ready to jump in and correct your technique or provide some encouragement (“Come on! Three more!”).

After an hour we were spent but smiling. If it weren’t time to hit the showers and then the office, I would have suggested the group grab a breakfast in town. Working out isn’t nearly as painful when you do it with interesting and friendly people. I wouldn’t have burned half as many calories had I been alone in a gym!

English-speakers will feel completely at home, as Kathy is Australian and most group members are expats of various nationalities. Classes are offered on Monday nights and Friday mornings in Lausanne and each session costs 25CHF.

I had a great time and am looking forward to more workouts the summer! Anyone want to join?


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