Within weeks of its opening, Le Comptoir cocktail bar became one of the coolest places to hang out in all Lausanne; and within minutes of our walking through the door, it was decidedly our favorite place in town for a classy yet comfortable after work drink or weekend gathering with friends.

“This must be what love at first sip feels like,” we mused, relishing our mint julep and martini.

Le Comptoir’s decor and menu pay homage to that thrilling period of Prohibition where jazz and illegal alcohol merged, making nightlife elicit and dangerous. And while it may no longer be gangsters providing the booze, we’re convinced that Bertrand, the guy behind the bar, is pretty fabulous!

Check out the cocktail recipe that Bertrand designed exclusively for The Lausanne Guide.

If the night gets late, but the party is still going, we recommend checking out the underground club space (because really, what is a speakeasy-themed bar without an underground nightclub?!?).

Dimmed lights, leather arm chairs, art deco touches contrasted with modern industrial furnishings throughout, give this place a special vibe unlike any other bar in the city. Bertrand and his creative team introduce new concepts regularly; for example this winter’s weekly Oyster Bar (Oysters 2chf/each and champagne 10chf/the glass) was the perfect excuse for some holiday indulgence. To stay in the loop, be sure to follow them on Facebook for news about special events.

To top it all off (assuming you still need to be convinced), the drinks are not Le Comptoir’s only attraction! Those who like to nibble while they imbibe can order one of several mouth-watering trays of Italian meats and cheeses from Le Comptoir’s sister establishment, Caffè Bellini. We’ve already raved about this new Italian eatery in a review, and can assure you that the prosciutto will change your life.

These two next-door neighbors just took “dinner + drinks” in Lausanne up a notch in the class department.

And we seriously approve.

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