**Since publishing this article back in 2013, the ownership of Caffè Bellini has changed, as well as the menu, and quality of food. We’ve received feedback that it is not the same Caffè Bellini we knew and loved, so please know this article may no longer be applicable**
 Think Sicily meets SoHo and you’ll get along just fine.
Caffè Bellini, which opened its doors to Lausanne just a couple of months ago, has that antiquated Italian vibe mixed in with the rough-luxe decor found in many Manhattan lofts. With black and white checkered walls, dried meats and aged cheeses hanging behind the bar, as well as its eye-catching fresco paying homage to Italian film director and scriptwriter Federico Fellini’s Amarcord, it’s obvious you’ve stepped into a small part of Italy right here in Lausanne. But then there’s the pinball machine– the retro 70s diamond light paneling–the exposed industrial light fixtures hanging along the windows, creating a distinct glow of reds and blues. What is this place, exactly?

Whatever it is, whatever style you want to call it–eccletic, urban, rough-luxe, or old Italian–it’s working.
And the food is out.of.this.world.
Antipastis of dried parma, garlic and thyme infused olives, foccacia, cheese and peppers. Gorganzola and walnut encrusted crostinis with pear and honey. Generous sized pizzas and pastas and risottos. Sorbet, fondant, tiramisu. Wine. Bellinis. Must we go on?
Friends, you no longer need to cross the border to get mouth-watering and [my goodness] beautiful Italian food. Your search is over.


You’re welcome.

Caffè Bellini
Rue de la Barre 5, Lausanne
For reservations:
021 351 24 40

Tue – Thu: 4:00 pm – 1:00 am
Fri – Sat: 4:00 pm – 2:00 am





  1. Very noisy, I had to speak so loudly that at the end of the evening I had no voice and a sore throat. Little ventilation inside and very warm, unconfortable. Slow service, 2 and a half hours just for a pizza and a dessert, twice they brought the wrong item to our table. Mediocre pizza, tasted like nothing and was hard to cut. I went last night and that's it, will not go back there.

  2. Sans doute le meilleur restaurant italien que nous avons déjà rencontré à Lausanne. Depuis que le service est excellent, le goût des aliments 100% … Nous avons adoré et y revenir chaque semaine. Je me sens à la maison et c'est le plus important!

  3. I was so excited to try this place when it opened…but wow what a disappointment! We had a reservation but ended up waiting at the bar for 45 minutes before deciding to go elsewhere. Not even an apology from the manager or barman, who basically ignored us. It was quite busy and the staff were clearly overwhelmed – definitely not a great atmosphere for dining. Definitely won't be going back.

  4. Cher et service lamentable !
    Les prix de l'addition plus élevés que ceux de la carte…
    Réponse du staff : c'est comme ça, allez ailleurs ça sera les mêmes prix !

    Ok, on ira ailleurs…

  5. Jean Daniel Reply

    Intéressant de voir les réactions des uns et des autres. A titre personnel, je me rends de 4 en 15 au restaurant, soit pour un verre, soit pour un repas.
    – Pour les verres, je n'ai rien à redire: la sélection n'est pas très importante mais la qualité est au RDV. 1-2 verres (sicilien ou portugais, en général) avec une planchette de charcuterie et le charme méditerranéen apparaît en filigrane;
    – Pour les pizzas, je reconnais une déception. Merci au pizzaliolo de faire un effort;
    – Pour le reste, je n'ai jamais été déçu.

    Au final, j'aime ce lieu précisément pour ce que dit le commentaire du guide: un vrai goût d'Italie dans une atmosphère branchée/funky. Cela n'a ni le charme de San Gimigniano ni le punch branché de New York. Mais nous ne sommes ni en Toscane ni à New York. La volonté de chercher l'harmonie des deux me plaît… et c'est plutôt rare à Lausanne (!) même si plusieurs noms séduisants pourraient être cités, comme "Eat me" parmi les derniers venus. Cela dit, des pizzerias "bof", il y a beaucoup à Lausanne. Du gastro aussi (quoique…) mais il faut mettre le prix. Ici, le côté à la fois italien et citadin funky me plaît. Je dirais même que c'est réussi. Je reviendrai.

  6. My favorite restaurant in Lausanne! Coming from the East Coast of the U.S. where I had access to lots of fun and interesting restaurants in Boston and NYC, I've been searching for something more sophisticated than the normal pizza places here. Up until the past year or two, Lausanne has offered pretty staid, predictably boring restaurants and I've struggled finding places to entertain visting guests. Bellini has the charm of a funky Italian restaurant in the North End of Boston (where I lived for many years) and the liveliness and energy of a restaurant in Italy with fun, friendly and young staff. And the food is wonderful! I've tried burgers, pizzas, different pasta dishes, all of them were great. This is our new go-to place – highly recommended!

  7. Extremely good food, indeed. But I'll never go there on a weekend evening again, it's so noisy in the ground floor dining room (they have a DJ weekend nights, which I didn't know) that I couldn't hear my companion unless he *hollered*, we complained to a nice server who mercifully moved us to the downstairs dining room. It was much better, but still noisy.

  8. Caffe Bellini is actually a nice place but it is run from someone that doesn't understand anythings about the service, food, bar, customer care, staff training, and more and more! They need to change the manager, that place has lots of potential that not even the owner knows about it! They don't give a shit!
    Sorry but its the reality! Could be really the best Italian restaurant in Lausanne but they need to found the "Black Sheep' inside the staff!

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