Last week we had the pleasure of watching an array of Swiss, Italian and Belgian fashion designers showcase their new collections. TJ Studio hosted the event, which took place in a cement warehouse with mammoth bus tires lining the walls,and exposed bulbs and halogen lights casting dark shadows amongst the rows of chairs. The music reverberated in our collarbones as the models sashayed down the catwalk, eletrical tape playfully adorned in their hair and on their faces–a perfect touch to show communion with the setting. The contradiction between the unfinished, bare, and unrefined warehouse with the polished, well-executed designs was artfully dissonant. So what local trends are on the horizon? According to the TJ Showroom, expect the unexpected. Asymmetrical hems, nonfunctional zippers, sheer cloth, playful geometric patterns and vibrant colors.

Click here for more info on the TJ Showroom.

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