In a clearing perched high above the city is a truly special establishment by the name of Chalet-des-Enfants (the children’s chalet). Although the name, like the place, dates back several hundred years, it remains a poignant and appropriate designation for this restaurant that specializes not only in locally-sourced food from the neighborhood’s petits producteurs but also in the idyllic manifestation of Swiss country living and perhaps of childhood itself.

The chalet’s low-hanging wood-beamed ceilings and rustic decor pay homage to the country’s traditional culture while creative modern touches like a chalkboard wall for kids, pastel-colored rooms and funky art merge to establish a subtly arty ambience that refuses to take its location for granted. This is a chalet minus the kitsch, which as anyone who has eaten in a chalet or two will agree, is a rare find.
Everything we’ve tried is delicious, but brunch is undoubtedly our favorite. Unlike other brunches in town, the meal at Chalet-des-Enfants is all you can eat, which more than justifies the slightly higher price of 29chf per person. Come early and stay awhile. The bread, eggs, cheese, bircher muesli, ham, saucisson, coffee and juice will keep coming until you say “mercy.” 


Have children and don’t think they can endure several hours at the table? Chalet-des-Enfants is a godsend for parents. With a corner of toys, a chalkboard wall, a swing set and plenty of open outdoor spaces in warmer months, the place really lives up to its name by offering plenty of activities for little ones. 
Brunch is over at noon when the Chalet-des-Enfants team turns the tables for lunch. We recommend arriving at 10:30am at the latest so that you can really enjoy your meal. Afterward, be sure to enjoy a walk in the forest surrounding the chalet. Read our post about it for a better idea.

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