The backdrop of Lake Geneva and the Alps may be an unlikely setting for exceptional Indian food, but lucky for us here in Lausanne that has not stopped Pradeep Chandran and Chef Karikkinkattil Sukumaram from importing the exotic and colorful cuisine from their native Kerala in the South of India and bringing it to us with a creativity and passion unrivalled in the city.
Nandanam, the “Garden of Krishna,” operates much like a typical European-style bistrot with a seasonal menu that evolves along not just the weather changes but also the whims of the chef’s interest and curiosity. Customers who come with an open mind will never be disappointed. However, those whose idea of Indian food is limited to the typical lunch-time buffet and its obligatory chicken tikka masala might be perplexed by the small menu’s lightness and sophistication. Simply put, this is not your grandfather’s Indian restaurant ;). Instead, diners have the pleasure of experiencing an exceptional meal in an intimate, modern and cozy space.

The restaurant is perpetually booked solid. Reservations should be made two or three days in advance, even on week nights. Despite this exclusivity, Nandanam is wholly unpretentious. During peak dining hours, the restaurant is a flurry of energy; groups of boisterous friends gather together over colorful plates and wine or Indian beer, and a steady flow of dishes from the kitchen keeps you alert and intrigued. “I think I’ll have what she’s having…” is likely your best ordering strategy at Nandanam; although, we’re fairly certain that whatever you take won’t disappoint.
Avenue Louis-Ruchonnet 11
021 312 32 00
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