The dropping temperatures are usually an excuse to shove our running shoes into the abyss of our closet in exchange for our ski boots as we wait for the first hints of snow to dust the familiar pistes. There are always those runners who brave the conditions, regardless of rain or shine, but let’s get real here…we aren’t those people.

This is why were were both excited and nervous when we received an invitation from Alessandra and Shannon to come check out their classes at Pilates & Moi. We donned our spandex and made our way to their second studio location to check out their Core Barre class. The studio was spacious, with immense windows facing our very own Notre Dame cathedral, pouring in natural light. Alessandra and Shannon greeted us with huge smiles, and were extremely generous with their time (and patience!) as we navigated through our first Barre class.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect for us was Pilates & Moi’s boutique atmosphere and the personalized attention that it affords. The class size was small and intimate, the exercises were intense yet gratifying. We were pushed to our absolute limits; quivering legs, sweating glowing faces, and all. This is what exercise should be. We left the studio feeling energized and craving another session. Who knew that pain could be this addictive? 
As an exercise form, pilates tones your muscles without building bulk. Your body becomes more elegant and more defined. And after the workout, you feel empowered and deeply refreshed. Seriously, what more could you hope for in an exercise routine?
For those who are tired of paying the steep gym membership fees in Lausanne, but never find the time to actually use the services, Pilates & Moi is an excellent alternative. Once enrolled, you’ll have access to their online calendar and can sign up for classes at your convenience. They offer an average of nine Barre classes in English a week, so even those who are not comfortable taking a class in French can easily find a time that works for them!
Have you ever done pilates? What was your experience like?

Pilates & Moi
Core Barre Classes
Rue du Bourg 11 (inside the Galerie Commerciale) Bourg
Reformer Classes
Avenue du Béthusy 4
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