The Tiffany Hotel, a unique and intimate boutique hotel situated in the heart of Geneva, was the site where hundreds of the fashion-hungry and curious gathered to preview (and purchase!) this season’s newest trends from Swiss designers. The Edelweiss Showroom 2012 was a sight for sore eyes; showcasing such raw talent, ingenuity, and creativity in the form of fashion and style. From the luxury of haute couture to the comforts of bohemian chic, the showroom had something to offer for every style and every budget. We got the inside scoop from several designers about what to look for this season, as well as what timeless pieces can carry us through several seasons. Want to know another secret? We also have word that Edelweiss is returning home…to Lausanne that is. After moving from Lausanne to Geneva, they are transporting their headquarters back! We’re excited to welcome them back, and hope this means Lausanne will be hosting some spectacular events in the future.


We asked several designers for a recommendation from their fall collections that would a great addition to our wardrobes this season. Here’s what they told us…

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Barbara from Viva Frida picked out this silk floral top for its mix of fall hues and versatility. It is a great piece for a casual look with jeans but could just as easily be dressed up with a black skirt. Or, add some outrageous jewelry for a funky, artistic outfit. It’s a great item for those who like to play around and try out new styles, says Barbara. 95chf,

Erelle, the designer behind the jewerly line Baies d’Erelle, selected this perennial favorite from her collection. This piece combines both the soft femininity of the quartz (with pink quartz, amethyst or labradorite) and the more masculine industrial quality of the chain. Two strands of the chain can actually be detached, allowing you to test various looks with the same necklace. 398chf,

Who doesn’t love the contrast of winter white with the season’s deep rich colors? Jana from Royal Blush drew our attention to this beautiful doctor’s bag purse. We loved it not only for the quality and design but also for the conscientious process by which it is made: the materials are sourced from Switzerland and Germany and are vegetable dyed, meaning that tanners are not exposed to harsh chemicals in the process. 450chf,

When asked about the latest trends and how they have influenced her fall line, Designer Ly-Ling Vilaysane of Aéthérée confessed that she makes a point not to look at trends when designing her collection. She allows personal experiences and preferences to inspire her. And inspired she is! We loved the coat that she selected to highlight; the smocked pattern across the shoulders was designed to reflect the idea of human interconnectivity. 1,590chf,

Nena, a Lausannoise living in Paris and the creator of Heidi’s Bags, selected these gorgeous leather shopper sacs from her collection of handmade leather purses. Oh là là…they are delectable! Trends are inspiring consumers to think more about quality and simplicity, she explained. These bags come in a vast variety of colors and matte or metallic finishes. 235chf,

Fabienne of Avinas Jewelry selected this simple and utterly classic design from her fall line. Who needs trends with something as elegant and timeless as the infinity symbol? And yellow, white or rose gold plate with crystal makes the price as stunning as the design! Fellas, if we may, you might want to mark this one down for her Christmas present… Necklace: 180chf, Ring: 150chf, Earrings: 150chf,
Thanks to each of the designers for fielding our questions and posing for our pictures. We are delighted to have discovered so much Swiss talent in one place!
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