She sat across from us, a cupcake charm dangling from her necklace, another one attached to her keys; “I dream of cupcakes,” she laughed in response to our question regarding how this business has changed her life. Stacey Pennington, an American transplant now living in Lausanne with her husband, opened up her cupcake café called ‘Sweet Dreams’ about a year ago. Situated in the quaint back streets of La Cité, just behind the Notre Dame Cathedral, Stacey’s confectionary heaven is a must-see and must-try for all dessert enthusiasts. Ornate wallpaper line the walls with theatrical designs, the chandelier reflects playful sunlit patterns on the ceiling, and the chalkboards display the day’s flavors of cupcakes. Stacey’s recipes are original, all inspired from memories of childhood as well as traditions passed down within the family, and everything, of course, is proudly made from scratch.

Although raised in Chicago, America’s famed Second City, Stacey spent her childhood summers back in her parents’ native Alabama where her dessert-loving grandmother imparted the passion for baking that fuels her current endeavors. Her recipes are intensely personal, based largely on the ones that her grandmother shared all those years ago, and many of the ingredients are even imported from the States, a combination which makes Sweet Dreams a truly authentic American Cupcake café.

Whether you’re looking for a petit goût or something more substantial, Sweet Dreams offers a variety of cupcake sizes (and of course flavors!) for your appetite. They also have a small savory menu of sandwiches, bagels, salads and cupcakes (for example, a basil cupcake garnished with tomato and mozzarella), perfect for a quick lunch or snack.

Sweet Dreams also offers a selection of drinks available both sur place and to-go! One of the main things that caught our eye were the rows and rows of American candy that lined the shelves next to the caisse. It’s difficult for an American expat to enter the café and not experience a bit of childhood nostalgia as bags of Ring Pops, Twizzlers, candy necklaces and Charms bubblegum blow pops are for sale.

When planning your next dinner party, keep Sweet Dreams in mind. We recently served an assortment of Stacey’s mini-cupcakes at a birthday soirée, and they were an absolute hit! Colorful little works of art, they were adorable when presented on a cake platter; our guests loved being able to sample the different flavors; and we avoided making dessert!
Everyone wins with cupcakes. 🙂
Sweet Dreams Cupcake Café
Rue de la Barre 6
021 312 21 12
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