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If you have spent more than 30 seconds in Lausanne, you are already familiar with the Notre Dame de Lausanne or, as it’s simply known, the Cathedral. And yet even those of us who live and work in the shadow of the Lausanne Cathedral are largely ignorant of its art and history. Thankfully, some folks over at the Swiss Reformed Church have decided to do something about that.

When you think of the State church, you might think of old buildings attracting an almost-as-old population, but a new Lausanne Cathedral app is injecting an element of hip into the city’s centerpiece edifice.

Ever visited the building with guests or on a reflective afternoon but found yourself unable to fully appreciate the beauty of the stained-glass because you can’t make out the figures depicted? Curious to know what the carved animals and people represent or where the modern organ comes from?

Visit the iTunes app store to download the Lausanne Cathedral app, and next time enjoy a full audio tour!

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