Intimate, smart and elegant are all words that come to mind when describing this almost hidden little bistrot perched atop Lausanne, in the shadows of the cathedral. L’Elephant blanc is a bit unassuming from the outside, but don’t make the mistake of walking past without peeking in.
The simple elegance of the space, framed by black and white checkered-tile walls and an imposing wooden-beamed ceiling, serves as a sort of blank canvas (or perhaps white plate) for truly sophisticated dishes from Chef Anthony Macé. The menu is limited and emphasizes local, seasonal foods in artistic and surprising combinations. The place practically seeps foodie intelligence into the street; it’s a perfect locale for the discerning diner.
In case your spring fling has turned into a summer love, L’Elephant blanc is our favorite date-night spot in Lausanne. However, do beware: there is a certain seriousness that comes with the intimacy and sophistication, possibly making it a bit much for a first date. For couples who want to linger together over authentic and refined food, we’ve yet to find a more romantic restaurant in all the city.L’Elephant blanc
Rue Cité-Devant 4
1005 Lausanne
021/312 64 89

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  1. Girls, I truly appreciate your reviews and find them to be extremely true to life. I've been going through your website for just a couple of days and can already say that I would completely trust what you have to say about an establishment I don't yet know. For instance, I haven't been to L'Elephant Blanc, but will now most definitely visit the place. I take the chance, however, to make a request: if this is not the best place for a first date, what is? I haven't found any recommendations of places for such an occasion, but would very much like to know what is the best place for that in your opinion. Congratulations on your work!

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